Brass bed restoration at affordable prices. We can restore your brass bed to better than new condition.

Brass Bed Restoration Steps

  1. Your brass bed restoration begins with a thorough cleaning. All existing lacquer and coatings are completely removed.
  2. After the thorough cleaning it is then completely disassembled and visually inspected for blemishes and defects.
  3. Repairs are performed as needed.
  4. Every component is then hand or power buffed. Specially formulated buffing compounds are used to produce a brilliant finish. We use buffing compounds that are optimized for brass finishing that can provide a bright or antiqued finish.
  5. Once the individual components are polishing the bed is reassembled.
  6. After reassembly, it is hand polished with a specially treated polishing cloth to a showroom shine.
  7. The fully assembled bed is then lacquered to preserve the polished finish.

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We also can provide brass metal plating, decorative brass plating is widely used as a decorative finish on steel, zinc die-cast and other ferrous metals. It is customary to apply brass plating over an initial deposit of bright nickel or satin nickel. It is necessary to protect a brass plated finish from tarnishing by applying a clear coating. Decorative brass plating involves the deposition of an alloy of zinc and copper to achieve the required color.

We specializing in the polishing, buffing and lacquering of a wide variety of parts and can provide metal restoration cleaning, brass refinishing and metal polishing.

Additional services include indoor and outdoor household items including home hardware, handrails, lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers, brass instruments and much more. We brass, copper, nickel and chrome plate, and even do minor repairs when necessary.

Have a boat?

We can do all your boating parts including helmsman wheel, compass, portholes, brass fixtures, cleats, bells, horns, and even the anchor. If re-plating is what you need, we copper, nickel and chrome plate. We also offer on-site work – we will come to your boat and do the work.


We expertly supply all types of golf club refinishing including irons, metal woods, woods. We check the condition of your club and can perform many types of golf club repair. Are you taking adequate care of them? Clubs that are well maintained will function better, plus a well-cared-for appearance will boost confidence!

No polishing job is too small or too large for us to handle.

Our combined years of experience allow us to provide the quality you deserve. We'll even do minor repairs when necessary to give your piece a quality look. We also offer local pickup and delivery and we are able to work on-site in the Northern, Ohio, area.

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